Fattoria Casa Di Terra

A territory, sweet hills sloping to the sea, where the grapevine gives wines of a unique and authentic character: this is what Bolgheri means to us, our home and our land. Our families is committed to growing it since the 50s, following the tradition. Today we have invested our passion, dedicating ourselves to the world of wine, helped by these territories and their nature. Working day by day with commitment we want to create wines which are able to spread our sacrifice and the spirit of these places.

Fattoria Casa di Terra

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Fattoria Casa di Terra

Casa di Terra is a family-run estate since 1950 and owns approximately 120 hectares, including 45 cultivated under DOC Bolgheri and IGT Toscana wines.

Fattoria Casa di Terra is a member of the Bolgheri Doc protection consortium (Consorzio di Tutela della Bolgheri DOC)

Il Vino eleva l'anima e i pensieri, e le inquietudini
si allontanano dal cuore dell'uomo.

(around 518 b.C. – around 438 b.C.)

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