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Bolle di Terra

Bolle di Terra is born from the idea of trying vermentino grape in every form, even sparkling, in order to enhance the po- tential of the tuscan coast. The grape for this wine comes from a vineyard dedicated to Lavinia, the daughter of Giuliano.

Grape variety: Vermentino

Location: Bolgheri and Cecina

Exposure: South - South West

Vineyard age: 2002-2013
Soil type: clay-sandy soil with rock fragments

Training system: spur cordon and guyot pruned
Density of plant: 5.600 piante/ha
Yeald per hectare: not more than 8000 kg / h a

: in stainless steel tanks with a controlled temperature of 12° C for 15 days. The prise de mousse takes place in stainless steel tanks.
WineAgeing: instainlesssteeltanksfor5monthsand1month more in bottle.
Tirage: 90 days on its yeasts with Charmat method

Complex aroma without being too much, strong presence of white flowers. The mouthfeel is saline with balanced acidity, leaving the palate with a fresh feeling making you want to try some more.

Raw or steamed fish, deep fried vegetables.

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