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Poggio Querciolo

Poggio Querciolo is a pure Syrah that shows the potential of this variety in the Bolgheri appellation. In this unique Terroir the influence of the sea and the summer sun are able to create a wine that completely represents the Bolgheri area.


Grape Varieties: Syrah

Location: Tuscan coast, Cecina and Bolgheri Exposure: East - West

Vineyard age: 2005

Soil type: clay soils with gravel layers

Training system: VSP with spur cordon pruning Density of plant: 5.600 plants/ha

Yield per hectare: not more than 7000 kg/ha


Fermentation: 22 day– fermentation in steel tanks with controlled temperature of 25°C with natural yeasts.

Malolactic fermentation takes place spontaneously during ageing

Wine Ageing: in oak barriques 6 months more in bottle for ageing

This wine is bottled without any previous fining or filtration to preserve all its integrity


Ruby red colour at a first glance. At nose Poggio Querciolo screams balsamic and herbal notes. Persistent mint and eucalyptus bouquet is well balanced by floral notes. In the mouth is round, smooth and juicy




Bottle Capsules Cork
71GL C/ALU 90 FOR 51
Glass Polylaminate Cork

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